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Switches & Sensors
by MPL


Micro Pressure Switches Micro Switches

MPL designs and manufactures own-branded miniature electro-mechanical pressure, vacuum and differential switches based on benchmarked and reliable sensing techniques. The robust design and long operating life of a MPL switch and sensor make them ideal for monitoring and control of critical circuits. Today, millions of MPL sensors and switches are used around the globe across a diverse set of applications. MPL offers the full line of reliable “MPL” switches and sensors, the first choice for sensitive, durable pressure to electrical conversion for more than 40 years.

MPL & Micro / about Custom Manufacturing

For over 50 years, product design and customization has been a core service at MPL, a subsidiary of Micro. With broad multi-industry experience in verticals with the world’s most stringent quality control standards, Micro is well equipped to service almost any custom OEM solution, delivering solutions quickly and cost effectively. Custom applications are available for engine air, fuel level, hydraulic fluid, medical devices, emergency oxygen and many more.

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